Month: July 2010

Do You Know You As Well As You Think You Do?

Last week, my friend and colleague, Theresa Freeman, provided an overview of the emergence of the “hyperlocal” scene. As her post explains, these sites combine user-generated content along with some professional content. While the sites Theresa focused on categorize information into localities, they fall into the larger context of citizen journalism, which (as she discusses) faces considerable criticism. Theresa points to comments from the Cape Cod… Read more »

Have you gone hyperlocal?

During the past few years buzz has been building around the idea of hyperlocal journalism and the PR industry has followed suit, seeking out ways to pitch these outlets. The execution of hyperlocal coverage varies slightly by outlet, but in general it appears to be a mix of user-generated and professional edited content. Media watchers, including those of us in the PR game, are waiting to… Read more »

Tweet, tweet

Last month, my colleague Melissa blogged about whether or not social media is a valid investment for brands. Melissa made a key point in her entry: at the end of the day, it’s between you and your client whether Facebook and Twitter are the right move for their brands.