Month: January 2022

Matter Social Second: January 2022

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. This month, our social team shares the most important and impactful social media stories from January. Click the headline to see the full story. Instagram Tests Photo Re-rrangement Have you ever wanted to rearrange the order of the photos on your profile photo grid? Instagram is expanding… Read more »

AP Style Matters

Like most PR pros, day in and day out I can be found referencing the “The Associated Press Stylebook.” It’s my bible to grammar geekdom. (Note that quotation marks – not italics – are used around a book’s title and that “bible,” in this use, is lowercase because it’s a non-religious reference. See what I mean about my nerdery?) There are reasons for the sometimes-quirky rules… Read more »

Why Every Marketing Strategy Should Start with an Audit

Before you go to the grocery store, you check your fridge to make sure you don’t wind up with four cartons of eggs – again. When you build a marketing plan for your brand, you’re going to want to conduct an audit.  Brand audits are the fridge-checks of marketing.  In marketing, audits reveal areas of opportunity, trends in the market, background on an industry, target audience… Read more »


Thank you, clients and collaborators!  It’s hard to believe 2021 is already in the books. But here we are! So let’s talk about some of the major happenings of the last three months. Succession wrapped season 3 like a corporate version of Game of Thrones – and yes, we are here for it. Cowboy Bebop got us nostalgic for the anime of yore. And Arcane tore down the walls between video games and television by proving that compelling visuals and great storytelling always win. … Read more »