Month: January 2014

Tips for Getting Started with Online Video (a series), Part 1: Start Broad

Well, here we are.  It’s 2014.  What does that mean for marketers?  It means if your brand doesn’t have an online video presence, you’re already behind. Don’t believe me?  Here’s some backup.  I can honestly say that I have yet to see one study / survey / anecdotal musing / stray tweet / etc. from anyone claiming that building an online video presence has had a negative impact on their brand. … Read more »

Why PR Owns Visual Content Creation

Recently, I spoke at a PubClub event on Visual Storytelling at our Boston office. One of the first questions asked to me was – “why PR people?” The question is two-fold. Why should businesses have their PR agency responsible for visual storytelling through creative design and video and, why as an agency do we want to allocate any resources to this? The answer to both questions… Read more »

Understanding: The key to a strong PR/Reporter relationship

Is anyone else getting tired of reading articles that point out the faults of PR professionals? Probably an obvious question, given that the majority of the readers of this blog are likely PR people. Another obvious statement: Nobody is perfect – meaning that every pitch, press release or phone call doesn’t need to be documented as a negative mark against the entire PR community. I was… Read more »

The King of Owned Content

If you’re an NFL fan, like I am, then you probably spent your Sunday glued to the two conference championships. Living in the Northwest, Portland specifically – the home of great food, beer and Matter Communications latest PR office, it’s been hard to not root for the Seattle Seahawks during the playoffs (sorry those of you who live in San Francisco or other NFC West cities)…. Read more »

‘Girls’ social media marketing: Provocative and almost Seamless

HBO’s wildly popular show ‘Girls’ premiered their third season on Sunday night after extensively using social media to promote the new season.  Many brands and television shows have used Facebook and Twitter to reach out to fans and promote themselves, but ‘Girls’ went above and beyond to create a complete social marketing scheme.  Companies take note, because ‘Girls’ is doing it right! Here are five ways… Read more »

Five Tips to Help Your Internship Turn into a Full-Time Job

As a recent college graduate, the months following my exit of formal education were spent much like most of my peers – facing the harsh reality that the job market is often an unforgiving place.  Each day was spent scouring the land of LinkedIn for any job opening I “might” be qualified for.  Finally after months of anxiety I was given the hardest decision of my… Read more »

5 Things PR Firms Can Learn from the New England Patriots

It’s NFL playoff time, and the New England Patriots are again looking like league leaders. With a weekend win over Indianapolis, our boys are packing their bags and preparing for what will surely be a tough test when they play the Broncos this coming weekend. The recent performance of the Patriots reminds me a lot of the results generated by the top-notch public relations and social… Read more »

5 Tips for a Successful CES

The Consumer Electronics Show – the preeminent event for anyone interested in leading-edge consumer technologies – is officially underway in Vegas. Having attended the show a seemingly countless number of times, I feel qualified to provide some practical tips on how to best experience it. (And, truthfully, I just provided these tips to my friend Hugh and thought they would be of interest to the wider… Read more »