Month: February 2015

4 Ways to Delight Your PR Client

The key to creating a lasting relationship between a PR agency and a client is to never take his or her loyalty for granted, even when things are going well. That’s easy to say, but hard to do consistently. Taking your foot off the gas pedal for even a short time can strain that loyalty, which you earned with hard work, intelligent counsel and business-driving results…. Read more »

Brian Williams, Jon Stewart and the Shifting Media Landscape

Since the time that I was in college, people have been talking about the “death” of print journalism and the shifting media landscape. We talked about it so much in fact, that my then journalism-major girlfriend wound up becoming my lawyer fiancé. Between a PR pro and a lawyer, I’m not sure which side of our union best represents the “dark side” – but I digress…. Read more »

The Magic of Branding

Branding is more than just fonts, colors and logos. As the crew at recently showed us in the video above, it’s about creating something unique and inspiring that will take a good brand, and make it an outstanding brand. As branding experts, designers strive to step out of our own heads and leave our viewpoints behind in order to step into the brand. We work to… Read more »

5 Reasons Why I Love PR

  We’re on the eve of Valentine’s Day weekend, and it’s an appropriate time to share some perspective as to what I love about working in a bustling PR agency. There’s plenty to say about my beautiful wife and my dynamite daughters, but instead I’m staying focused and sharing five reasons why it’s easy to love this gig: First, you meet a lot of different people…. Read more »

5 Tips for PR Productivty

  Get to know the media you’re pitching As a PR professional it’s your No. 1 job to get media results for your clients. In order to accomplish this task you need to know who you’re pitching; plain and simple. This doesn’t just mean looking up their bio on software such as Cision. Read recent articles they’ve written, follow their Twitter feed, learn their interests. Knowing… Read more »

4 Ways PR Agencies Capitalize on Snow Days

It’s snowing. Again. While it’s easy for some folks to get frustrated by the weather, I look at a snowy day when I can’t get into the office as an opportunity to make some progress on the to-do list. Considering that I’m located in New England, these snow days happen often in the winter! When I work from home due to weather – like you might… Read more »

Trusting the Storyteller

An important disclosure: I’m a fan of Brian Williams. I like his reporting style, his humor on late night talk shows and dashing good looks. I like that he reports the tough news of the day with gravitas and a baritone voice. All the while, I thought that he didn’t take his celebrity too seriously and therefore could mock it. That wasn’t a problem, until now…. Read more »

At PR Agencies, February Brings Business Clarity

I’ve thought for some time that the start of February marks the official kickoff of the business year, particularly for those of us in public relations, social media and creative agencies. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case: First, there’s a flurry of activity after the year-end break, but by the start of February you and your PR clients are in an action-packed groove,… Read more »