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The Matter Social Second: Five Predictions for 2021

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second – a monthly series keeping you informed on what’s trending in social media. This month, our social media pros share their top insights and predictions for 2021. Users Connect Virtually with Gaming Within the last year, social media users that identify as “gamers” increased by more than 10 million [source: Hubspot]. Platforms like Facebook are already leveraging this… Read more »

The Matter Social Second: 11.19.2020

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second – a monthly series keeping you informed on what’s trending in social media. Check out the latest news and insights from our social media pros. Instagram Expands Shopping Features to IGTV Instagram announced the global expansion of its Instagram Shopping service across IGTV. The platform is said to begin testing shopping in its newer feature (and TikTok rival):… Read more »

Virtual + Impactful: Matter Digital Reflects on INBOUND 2020

For the first time in INBOUND’s nine-year history, the 2020 conference was held virtually over the course of two days in late September. INBOUND 2020 went beyond broadcasting sessions and created an immersive online experience for attendees complete with avatars, a virtual world to explore and interactive sessions. Although no online experience is complete without a few glitches these days, our digital marketing pros “walked” away… Read more »

The Matter Social Second: 10.20.2020

Welcome to the first edition of The Matter Social Second – a monthly series keeping you informed on everything happening in social media. Check out the latest social media news and insights from our social media pros. How is COVID-19 affecting LinkedIn ads? COVID-19 has favorably affected social media ads, as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression have both seen decreases on some platforms. LinkedIn has seen significant… Read more »

5 Ways to Take Your Email Strategy to the Next Level

To run an effective email marketing program, it’s important to make sure your organization is utilizing automation to its full potential. Understanding and implementing email best practices can significantly elevate your email strategy and deliver a clear ROI for your business.


The digital buyer journey is the path your prospects take in order to become the customer. In the age of digital expansion, your customers are engaging in google searches, reading content online and turning to social media now more then ever to make informed decisions.

So, You Want to Launch an Influencer Campaign Part 1: Customizing Your Campaign

 We’re excited to kick-off a new Matter blog series, where we’ll discuss the considerations brands across all industries should take when adding influencers into their marketing mix. The term “influencer” has become a key fixture in the world of PR and marketing. It’s no secret that influencers are the trending force across social media platforms, even more so now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent… Read more »

Marketing Jump Start Part II: Optimizing Your Digital Ecosystem

While the digital landscape has changed over the past few months, businesses are still looking to accomplish the same goals: generate leads/sales, drive awareness and/or engagement, and sustain or grow their leadership position. To do so, it’s imperative to focus holistically on optimizing your digital ecosystem. A consistent focus on the following programs will help your business continue to succeed:  Optimize your website/landing pages.  Consistently evaluate… Read more »

Marketing Jump Start Part I: Leveraging Video as Part of the Marketing Funnel

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing six tactics you should consider employing to adapt your marketing programs to our new remote world. Welcome! Today is Part I, Leveraging Video as Part of the Marketing Funnel. #1. Transition to Virtual Events With in-person events and conferences no longer an option in the current environment, consider launching a digital conference, webinar or meet-up. Virtual events are a… Read more »

A Crash Course in Inbound Marketing and How it Can Help A Business Grow

Whether you are familiar with the term “inbound marketing” or not, you probably are familiar with all of the elements that comprise inbound marketing. While inbound marketing is not a new idea, the term itself is rather new (in the scheme of things). Essentially, inbound marketing is a way of grouping all the digital channels that your organization has direct control over and paying special attention… Read more »

Five Trends to Spark Your Social Media Strategy

The world of social media changes on an almost daily basis; between shifting algorithms and platform changes, it can be hard to keep up. It’s even harder to keep your social media strategy up-to-date and in tune with best practices. Here at Matter, we live and breathe social media. Our team spends countless hours making sure we’re on top of the latest changes and adjusting strategies… Read more »

What’s New in Social Media? 10.18.18

The constantly evolving world of social media is ever-changing and marketers, business owners and even the daily Facebook user should be aware of the updates. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog to get the monthly news and updates on all things social media sent right to your inbox. Let’s check out some of the latest news.   Google+ is Headed for the Google Graveyard… Read more »