Month: February 2016

After GE, Boston's Next Whale Could be Big Blue

As everyone with a pulse knows Boston was unsuccessful in its bid for the 2024 Olympics (thank God!) but it did win the hotly-contested battle to get GE to relocate its corporate headquarters here later this year. So it begs the question: why stop there? What if another titan of industry with a significant footprint across Greater Boston followed suit? What if IBM decided to trump… Read more »

Why selecting a PR agency with a national presence Matters

The opening of our new and expanded office in Boston has me thinking about all of our office locations – 5 nationwide – and how we’ve situated our smart and savvy staff in regions that directly benefit our clients. Here are a few credible reasons as to why clients should consider PR and social media agencies with the depth and breadth of multiple geographies. First, it… Read more »

4 Ways to Go Beyond Reading and Watching with Interactive Content

Last week, Leo and I attended the quarterly Boston Content meet-up to engage in a discussion about Interactive Content. You’ve likely seen the term on several “trends & predictions” lists for 2016, but what is interactive content, exactly? And how can you use it to support your brand’s content marketing initiatives? Senior Content Marketing Manager at SnapApp, Lena Prickett, was the leader of the discussion and… Read more »

Beers & Branding

I’m a sucker for good branding. I usually love something slick and polished and neat. In fact, I’m a marketer’s dream. I’ll buy wine just because I like the label or a shampoo because the bottle is a cool shape. Remember when Miller Lite brought back it’s iconic label two years ago? Well, that’s when I stopped packing my beach coolers with Corona and switched to… Read more »

Why Our PR Agency Just Went “All-In” in Boston

I’m thrilled to spread the news that – with gusto! – Matter just expanded its footprint in the city of Boston! We’ve moved from our modest shared space to a custom-built location designed to encourage smart thinking, creativity, and which is conducive to generating results.  It’s a place where smart and savvy PR professionals want to hang their hats – and we’ll be supporting our growth… Read more »

PR Agency Matter Communications Expands Boston Footprint

Opens Larger Boston PR Office Amid Rapid Growth and Rising Demand For Integrated PR Services (Newburyport, MA) – February 17, 2016 – Matter Communications, an award-winning PR and social media firm with in-house creative services and search marketing groups, today officially opened a larger office in Boston’s historic North End that will enable both client and employee expansion in the region. The new office, located at… Read more »

What Matters in Your Search for a PR Job

I just spoke with a dynamite young professional who is moving to the mid-west and leaving Matter after four years – Molly, we will miss you! – and that quick chat reminded how I am able to see more clearly the characteristics of an agency that provides employees with a career rather than just a job. (It’s visibility I have now, after working for a number… Read more »

Networking in Portland – More Than Just Free Lunch

As a recent transplant to Matter’s Portland, OR office it has been an exciting first year learning a new city, culture and business community. Believe it or not, Portland isn’t the “city where young people retire” as Portlandia has so famously named my new home. In fact, it’s a city filled with a young and vibrant startup scene as well as a flourishing technology community which… Read more »

Ins and Outs of PR Measurement

PR Measurement and results are an important part of any PR program, and it’s something that’s in our DNA here at Matter Communications. Unlike PR’s closest relatives marketing and advertising where metrics are clearly defined and ROI is something that can be calculated, PR measurement has always been somewhat of a softer science. We recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar on the very topic… Read more »