Month: February 2014

5 Reasons A Mentor Matters

One piece of advice that I have been given since I was an undergraduate was to have a mentor. However, it wasn’t until I entered the business world and had a mentor of my own that I understood the importance and impact that one can have. A mentor is someone that will be your sounding block and guide through not only professional situations, but can become… Read more »

4 Tips for Getting Work Done – Anywhere

Here at Matter, our team of 80 plus employees works out of four main offices: the Newburyport headquarters, Boston, Providence and Portland, Oregon. In addition to those four offices, we also have other small offices that team members work out of, and we all share the need to occasionally work from home, especially since most of us are located in New England and road conditions can… Read more »

Your Company Video: Would YOU Watch It?

You’ve invested your staff’s time and internal resources. You’ve budgeted for the video production and editing. And now you have a brand new video for your company’s website, social media, or otherwise. But did you ever stop to ask yourself, “Would I watch this video?” Sadly, the answer for many company employees is “no.” Whether it’s getting bogged down by too many details, or the visuals… Read more »

Instagram's Photographer of the Year & My High Horse

“North Korea photojournalist named ‘Instagram photographer of the year” When I read that headline a few weeks ago I was hit with so many competing thoughts it was hard to articulate even a single word in response. A photojournalist (true professional) in North Korea (incredibly harsh atmosphere) winning an…Instagram award. Wut On one hand, chief Asia photojournalist David Guttenfelder for the Associated Press has been recognized… Read more »

Location Matters. Or Does It?

This is not another blog post defending Boston’s position as a technology mecca against the likes of Silicon Valley, San Francisco or gulp…. New York. We’ve all seen that movie before, dating back for some of us to that pre-historic, pre-blog era when professor, author and now Dean of Cal-Berkeley’s School of Information, AnnaLee Saxenian first dissected the competitive history of Silicon Valley vs. Rt. 128… Read more »

Even the Biggest Websites Had To Start Somewhere

Remember some of these sites? It’s a great walk down memory lane to look at websites. Check out how the world’s biggest websites looked when they first launched. Even these giants had to start somewhere! Does your company website still resemble one of these? It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come and also how we need to consider what devices customers are looking at when… Read more »

Matter Communications Launches Co-Op Satellite Media Tour (SMT) Offering

Studio-C by Matter to Leverage Video and Media Experience to Help Brands Share Their Stories to Consumers across the U.S. NEWBURYPORT, MA – Matter Communications today launched its co-op Satellite Media Tour (SMT) service, offering a powerful option for brands looking to secure broadcast, radio and online media coverage via a controlled messaging vehicle that can reach millions nationwide within the span of a few hours…. Read more »

One big nostalgic birthday party: Facebook Turns Ten

This week marked the tenth anniversary of one of today’s most popular social media platforms, Facebook. But Marc Zuckerberg wasn’t the only one celebrating; the company gave its users a reason to smile through a personalized video recap of their own years on the network, through a campaign entitled “A Look Back”. “A Look Back” is a 62-second clip that depicts the year you joined Facebook,… Read more »