Month: June 2011

The Benefits of Being the Office Nomad

As we are currently experiencing a significant (insert “long-overdue”) office build-out, it’s a bit nuttier these days at Matter in Newburyport than usual.  We’re expanding our space here at the Tannery to accommodate our growth and acquiring an additional 2,500 square feet.  And, simultaneous to our expansion, we are reworking 2,000 square feet of existing space so it better serves our needs.

Mile Ten Moments

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein

Matter Communications Continues to Thrive; Adds to Growing Management Team

Click Here to View PDF > Newburyport, Mass. – Matter Communications, a full-service public relations agency specializing in high-technology and consumer markets, today announced the addition of several professionals to support current client work and future growth. Matter has posted an increase in annual revenue of more than 20 percent as well as a near 40 percent increase in total staff among its Newburyport, Providence and New York… Read more »

The Paper Jam

If you follow Matter on Facebook, then you already know that our much beloved office manager, Ellen, recently left our company – after six years! – to pursue another professional opportunity. (Noteworthy is the fact that only Ellen could arrange a summer on the beach followed by a return to higher education!) While missing Ellen’s fun and engaging personality, we’re also missing her in-office functions.

How do you say that in Ayapaneco?

I read an article a few weeks ago that gave an account of the last two living speakers of Ayapaneco who won’t speak to each other. Because of their refusal, when they die, their language will too. As a proud four-year student of the most famous of dead languages (Latin) the story caught my eye and took hold in my mind.

Actually, I meant October 21

Nope. Not this time. Despite the predictions of Harold Camping, the California preacher and religious radio broadcaster, the world did not end last month.  And, as a result, two to three percent of the Earth’s population has to wait a few more months to be taken to heaven.

Tips for Dealing with “Hostile” Media

There’s not much that’s more frustrating than feeling like you’re not being heard, unless it’s feeling like you’re not being understood. And when the person who isn’t hearing and understanding you is also writing about your company in places where tens of thousands of people (customers, stockholders, analysts, employees) are reading about you, frustration is layered with fear that your story is being misunderstood by the… Read more »

“See You on the Flip Side”

In our house, that phrase is the last thing the kids hear when Daddy is on duty for bed time. Our children associate “flip” with “lights out.” As of April 12, 2011, so did Cisco: announcing, to the surprise of many, that it was discontinuing its little-video-camera-that-could.

Talent, Expectations and the Art of Patience

While not nearly as satisfying an experience so far as we had hoped, our much-beloved Boston Red Sox have begun their 2011 campaign. Having crept over .500, and even into or near first place in the division, they are far from the dominating juggernaut many expected them to be, yet they are equally far from where they were when they began their season so dismally a… Read more »