Month: March 2014

Matter Communications Launches Full-Service Web Design & Development Services

In House Team Tackles Front- and Back-End Design, CMS, SEO NEWBURYPORT, MA — Matter Communications, a full-service public relations agency specializing in technology and consumer markets, expands its creative services offerings with the announcement today of its in-house web design and development capabilities. Matter’s Web design and development offering includes complete site overhauls and updates via the agency’s in house team. Utilizing the latest standards and… Read more »

Boston Business Journal: PR Firms Can’t be Best Places to Work

As a three-time recipient of a “Best Place to Work” in Boston award from the Boston Business Journal, a distinction I’m proud of for obvious reasons, I was puzzled to learn that in 2014 public relations firms like Matter Communications will no longer be able to submit. Those days are over. Here is the explanation sent to our agency by BBJ publisher Chris McIntosh: I’ve decided… Read more »

3 Things Calvin and Hobbes Has Taught Me About Video Editing

Reading novels cover to cover has never been my thing. Perhaps it’s my short attention span, or the fact that pictures are way more interesting than 12-point times new roman. The Calvin and Hobbes comic book series by Bill Watterson is a timeless classic about a boy and his pet tiger, which subconsciously taught me a few key elements of video editing long before I started… Read more »

Making the Most of a PR and Social Media Brainstorm

In a world that embraces creative content, one of the best ways to leverage the many smart and savvy resources in an agency like Matter is to hold a brainstorm. Inviting a group to discuss new and exciting ways to bring a message, product or platform to key audiences always yields valuable results. That is, when the brainstorm is a well-run! Here are a few ways… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Matters

Our agency celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last week – it was a hoot, by the way! – and our family did more celebrating this past weekend. And, naturally, I’m making plans to celebrate again tonight. In the meantime, I thought to share five reasons why this holiday is an annual highlight for so many of us: First, it’s authentic. It’s a tradition for those of Irish… Read more »

Does Print Media Matter?

Earlier this week I grabbed a good ole’ hard copy of USA Today here in the Matter office, thumbed through the Money section and spotted this piece speculating on the future of two of the most esteemed national print newsweeklies, Time and Newsweek. Newsweek of course made its own headlines recently when it resumed publication of its print edition. Talk about “Back to the Future.” I… Read more »

Stop putting “leading” in the lede!

I have a challenge for C-suite execs, legal teams, PR agencies, and my fellow PR colleagues: stop describing your company as “leading” in your press materials. You know what I mean. Take a look at any news service and you’ll see a long list of press releases describing their companies as leading: “Company X, the leading company in cubicle decor, announced today…” This tells us nothing… Read more »

4 Keys to Nailing Brand Guidelines

Operating without a net in a circus is dangerous right?  Well so is running a company without solid brand guidelines. We have all heard, “Your brand is your promise,” or “Your brand is your culture” and the countless other valuations of what your brand means to you and your customers.  So here’s some valuable insight on why you should have brand guidelines in place and how… Read more »

Got Infographics?

The visual storytelling movement is gaining momentum every day, and infographics are showing up everywhere. Any type of information, from statistics to the history of Oscar dresses can be brought to life in an infographic. If you haven’t yet, its time to jump on board! Infographics are created to change the way people experience a story and process information. It’s a way to present lots of… Read more »