Month: November 2009

Merry metrics

This time of year is brutal. We’ve hit Reality Check Season here at Matter. In addition to the regular, end-of-year PR stresses of chasing reporters and stories, staying on top of the latest holiday trends, and planning for the New Year ahead, we fine PR pros subject ourselves to something called metrics.

Working from home… Cough… Cough…

It is the cold and flu season, you know. Rather than risk totally taking out my entire office, I was thankfully afforded the opportunity to work from home yesterday. How did I make my day working from home super productive? Here’s a chronology and some tips that you may find useful when you’re also faced with “Should I stay, or should I go…” Yeah, you’ll be… Read more »

Is this really how the news world used to operate?

It’s no surprise to anyone in PR that print publications are hurting. My esteemed coworkers have even talked about it on this blog before, here and here. But a recent article from the New Times of Broward/Palm Beach forwarded to me by my friend and colleague Matt Landry opened my eyes to just how much the print journalism world has changed. I’ve only been in PR… Read more »

Embarrass a Vet Today by Saying Thanks

On this Veterans Day, I’d like to extend a hardy THANK YOU to everyone who has answered the calling to serve our country.  Whether on the sea or below, in a far off desert or right here at home, we keep you all in our thoughts on a daily basis…today is just the annual reminder we have to take time to stop you on the sidewalk… Read more »

And thank you, Matter Chatter

Over the past month and a half, I hit the road for several weeks traveling on behalf of one my clients to media train local spokespeople and staff interviews with local print and broadcast outlets. The time away from home wasn’t one I initially embraced but once I was through airport security, sipping my Pumpkin Spice Latte and completed some trainings and interviews, I quickly realized… Read more »

Step outside the box

At one point in our lives, we have all been told that we need to “think outside of the box.” Whether it’s drafting a contributed article for a client or brainstorming new angles for media outreach, there have and will continue to be times when we need to pause and take a moment to get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes it even takes a change of… Read more »

What are you reading?

For years, ‘what have you been reading lately?’ has been my favorite question to ask when interviewing a potential Matter employee, to the point where I am often teased by some of my colleagues for asking that very question. Nonetheless, I have always believed that the question gives you real insight into what a person offers beyond the ABC’s (writing, organization, press and client relations) of… Read more »