Month: September 2015

5 Effective Techniques for a Successful Video Interview

If you haven’t participated in a video interview before on either side of the camera, it can be slightly intimidating the first time with nuances abound. And playing the role of “interviewer” is crucial: you need to keep-up the energy of the Q&A while engaging with your subject, as well as ensure you’re extracting the soundbites and concise messaging you need to create engaging video content…. Read more »

VW Must Drive the Discussion Immediately

This week Volkswagen will try to react to its tremendously damaging emissions scandal with the effectiveness of an airbag, and hopefully one that’s been approved by the regulators. The company has a new CEO – the former one ousted recently for rather obvious reasons – and has lots of explaining to do. While addressing what’s already being asked will be the priority, the company needs to… Read more »

Matter Communications Expands Studio-C Amid Rising Demand for Content Creation

Key Hires Bring Added Talent and Expertise to Award-Winning Creative Services Group (Newburyport, MA) – Sept 22, 2015 – Matter Communications, an award-winning PR and social media firm with in-house creative services and search marketing groups, today announced two key additions to its Studio-C team to keep up with market demand. The creative group, which produces compelling video as well as graphic and web design and… Read more »

In-house Creative Team is a PR Agency’s Secret Weapon

Our PR and social media agency has enjoyed the many benefits of having a full-service, award-winning creative team in-house. In fact, that group is growing like gangbusters and doing great work for clients like LoJack, as you can see here. In many ways our creative services team, Studio-C by Matter, is our PR agency’s secret weapon. First, an in-house creative team consisting of graphic designers and… Read more »

IgniteBoulder: Matter Communications' Top 3 Speakers

Last Thursday, hundreds of people packed the Boulder Theater to attend the 27th installment of IgniteBoulder. What is Ignite and how does it work? Once every few months, a group of everyday people – not professional speakers – come together to give a series of five minute talks about whatever their “geeky passions” may be, with only a slideshow of images to accompany them. The audience… Read more »

5 Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance in PR

It’s no secret—managing work, relationships, and extracurricular activities can be a challenge. From the responsibilities at work to maintaining relationships with your friends and family, you have a lot on your plate. While it may seem impossible to “have it all,” there are ways to manage your time so you can live a happy, balanced life. Here are five tips to help maintain a healthy work… Read more »

Tips on How To Not Only Survive – But Thrive – at a PR Agency

I have worked in PR my entire career, but I just started working as an account executive at a PR agency for the first time a couple months ago. The reason why I bring this up is because I thought I had experienced everything there is about PR, but in actuality I still had a lot to learn. Don’t let that scare you though because working… Read more »

What I Learned at Boulder PR Firm Matter Communications

“Wow, this place was awarded among ‘Best Places to Work’ five times in a row, TOO!?” I thought to myself as I applied for a position at Matter a little over three months ago. Could I really begin my Public Relations career at my dream agency? Coming out as a college graduate, it’s hard to be too picky when it comes to your first real job… Read more »

Pilgrimage to Portland

Traveling from time to time is something you sign up for when making the choice to pursue a career in video production. It can be very exciting at times; getting to check out new places that you otherwise might never think of visiting. And although video production is a creative field, there are certainly those other times when the required tasks during the trip aren’t as… Read more »

Swoosh! Employees are back – and we love it!

“Boomerang Employees” are a commonly discussed trend in today’s business environment, and something that’s fully embraced here at Matter, our PR and social media firm. We’ve had several employees – who we love, by the way! – leave for a stint at another agency or an in-house stop, and then return to our team. While we never like to lose good talent, we have found that… Read more »