Month: October 2009

Mommy Wars, Again. Really?

Earlier this month, I read a blog about mommy wars. I quickly clicked away, hoping never to see it again. But the blogger went on a morning show. And there was a newspaper article about it, and my cousin in her wonderful way blogged about it….there’s no doubt that the alleged hostility between working moms and stay-at-home moms is news again. To summarize: according to the theory,… Read more »

Missing the mark? Think solutions, not excuses

This morning a group of us met with our client for a quarterly planning meeting. Four times a year, we get together and sit at a table to recap recent successes, challenges and plans for the next three months. It’s an efficient process and one that keeps us focused on what we need to achieve to get to where we want to be at the end… Read more »

Finding New Ways to Reach Our Audiences

As PR pros, we’ve been following the shrinking media market and modifying our strategies with new ways to get coverage for our clients despite a dwindling audience. Pursuing traditional media coverage will often be top priority, but as the number of journalists and outlets lessen, we have to get more and more creative with our messages and find new audiences.

“Somewhere, Darth Vader, Lex Luthor and Mr. Burns are smiling…”

Last night, the Yankees won their 40th AL pennant by ousting the Angels 5-2 in Game 6 of the ALCS. While the victory has already brought about the usual parade of cringe-worthy quotations from Mr. Kate Hudson (“I couldn’t be more excited,” he said. “I feel like a 10-year-old kid.”) and I, admittedly, hate seeing the Yanks win anything, the franchise’s accomplishment got me thinking about… Read more »

A la mode

As our clients will attest, we’re a pretty creative group of people. Clients praise our fresh ideas, journalists respond to our creative pitches, and our people are full of imagination.  Yet, I’ve worked with people who didn’t always connect the dots between creative juices and actions/results – leaving me to ponder what role pie in the sky thinking plays in our business.

Ports in a storm – my favorite tools for managing information

I’ve been at Matter for almost five years and in the PR agency biz for a dozen. I can safely say that I have never experienced a busier, more demanding time than Matter is experiencing right now (yes, yes…much better than the alternative!). Between new clients, new projects, new people, multiple launches and an upcoming tradeshow (at which several of our clients will be present…oh, and… Read more »

The Balloon Boy saga: a lesson on publicity stunts

Coverage of last week’s “Balloon Boy” episode has been overwhelming, if not completely annoying. Now that it has “officially” been certified a hoax, people are weighing in on everything from how the media attention will affect little Falcon Heene to how aggressively child protective services should be intervening. One of the most spot-on observations I’ve read over the past week was in a blog entry from… Read more »

Should online news sites take away the "Free"?

One of my Sunday rituals is to get-up, make a pot of coffee and watch CBS’ Sunday Morning. With my tivo intact, I can’t say I watch it “live” every week, but love knowing it is there when I need it. This past week’s program caught my interest with its “Free for All, Profit for Some” story and got me thinking.

Matter to Descend on Unsuspecting New York Crowd

Our team at Matter has always acted as a tremendous resource for our clients at industry tradeshows, regardless of the event size, topic and media following. But nowhere do we get more of an opportunity to show our capabilities than at the major imaging shows that mark the calendar, including the upcoming PhotoPlus Expo taking place at the Javits Center in New York Oct. 22-24.

FTC Blogger Guidelines, Take 2

Earlier on Matter Chatter I posted about the FTC’s approach to bloggers and how integrity and respect is an important part of the PR process for all parties. I’d like to revisit this topic, if I may, to discuss an update. A few days ago, the FTC released guidelines meant to further clarify their rules on paid advertisements, especially as they pertain to bloggers. It’s important… Read more »

Should small businesses hire PR firms?

This morning, the New York Times blog “You’re the boss” included an entry written by Jennifer Walzer, founder and chief executive of Backup My Info!. In the post, Jennifer offers her advice to other small business owners who want to get ink and suggests that it’s not necessary to hire a PR firm. She highlights some fantastic tips and I certainly don’t disagree with most of… Read more »

In case of emergency… update your Facebook status?

Last month, I read a post on Webware about two Australian girls who were trapped in a storm drain. Instead of dialing the Australian equivalent of 911, they asked for help by using their cell phones to update their Facebook profiles. Nearly a month later, I’m still floored by the absurdity of the situation. Thankfully, the girls were rescued, but I continue to wonder why, with… Read more »

Get your head out of…

If you’re my mom the title of this blog is finished with “the clouds” if you’re one of my friends, the closing two words reference a darker, odoriferous place. The truth is it is hard to stay out of the weeds at work, in life or in the case I’ll blog about today… Your media lists.