Month: June 2014

Are Business Cards Dead?

One of the results of Matter’s recent branding efforts are our newly unveiled, upgraded business cards. (We’re pretty psyched!) As a designer who has worked with many brand identities, I’ve been asked many times if it’s worth going through the effort and cost to continue using business cards in an age of LinkedIn profiles, digital contact cards and all the other social and digital ways we… Read more »

"What do you do?" Defining the undefinable career in Public Relations

I have come to terms with the fact that my parents will never be able to confidently explain to their friends just what it is that I do. The conversations often go something along the lines of: “She works in PR.” “Oh, what’s that?” “It’s something like advertising.” It’s okay Mom and Dad, I still love you. I’ve been having this conversation with clients a lot… Read more »

How Many PR Agency Reviews Do You Need?

Often PR firms get a bad rap, and sometimes it’s deservedly so. If your agency sits on its heels and waits for you to “provide some news,” the result is predictably underwhelming. Why? Because that’s not a partnership, but rather a client-vendor relationship. The vendor expects the client to produce something of news value, and if the client fails to deliver the goods, the PR program… Read more »

PR Agency Matter Communications Wins Stevie® Award for ‘Company of the Year’ in American Business Awards

Matter Wins Four Agency of the Year Awards Since 2013 NEWBURYPORT, Mass. Matter Communications was presented with a Stevie® Award in the Company of the Year category in the 12th Annual American Business Awards in Chicago Friday night. The honor was the fourth PR Agency/Company of the year award collected by the PR and social media agency since 2013. The American Business Awards are the nation’s… Read more »

Repurposing Old Content, as Seen on Seinfeld

Getting excited about a new song on Spotify or YouTube video seems to happen just about every day. But how long does that feeling last? For me it’s about three minutes (if that) until I move on to something else. If it’s your job to pump out content onto your company’s social media channels, there will eventually come a time when you don’t have anything new to… Read more »

Keeping up with the World Cup

Let’s be honest. I know nothing about soccer, but this week I’m learning. One of the things I love most about Matter is the way our whole office comes together to celebrate life. Not in a way that is disruptive to producing awesome results for our clients, but in ways that make us better, more collaborative teammates and help fuel the creativity. From monthly birthday parties… Read more »

From Boston to Portland: a PR Brainstorm

Everyone knows the common saying among creative professionals: “There’s never a dumb idea while brainstorming.” Jokes aside, being a member of the Matter Communications team, whether in Portland or Newburyport, we often find ourselves searching for creative ideas among our colleagues, both on and off the account in question, to expand our clients’ reach within their respective industries. Matter has developed such a strong repertoire of… Read more »

“It’s Handled” -Olivia Pope

You cannot sit down and watch an episode of ABC’s hit drama, Scandal, without hearing the phrase “it’s handled” uttered from the lead, Olivia Pope, who is the head of a crisis management firm in Washington, DC. Anyone who has watched an episode will be obliged to admit that they too have aspired to be like Olivia Pope. Between her thrilling job, unbelievable gut instinct, poise,… Read more »

Checkbox PR: Why the RFP Can Be a Flawed Agency Selection Tool

We’re fortunate at Matter Communications to receive our share of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from some of the nation’s leading consumer and B2B brands. No complaints there; we’re working on several right now. It’s certainly better to be included than the alternative. But anyone in the public relations industry understands that being shortlisted for the agency selection process can be a painful experience if there’s an… Read more »

From NBPT to PDX: The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

A bi-coastal, cross-office exchange program – how cool is that? With the importance of office culture always top-of-mind at Matter Communications, a program was created wherein each month two professionals from our East Coast locations are offered the opportunity to visit our new Portland, OR location. The goal: foster work relationships and encourage collaboration. Sarah Ellis and myself were recently (and fortunately) selected for the trip,… Read more »

Meet Matter Providence

If you’ve never visited Matter’s Providence office, you need to add it to the top of your bucket list. Not only are we just steps away from Federal Hill and its culinary greatness, but we are also neighboring prestigious colleges, award-winning hospitals and beautiful beaches that are very welcoming during Summer Fridays (one of our many cherished work perks). But personally, I think what makes Matter… Read more »

Standing the Test of Time

I’m subscribing to Time magazine, again. I am an avid fan. I love the snapshots of timely news complemented by insightful feature stories. I like the balance of world news and localized human interest pieces, and I absolutely love the Light Box. As the picture below of me reading Time when I was eight years old may suggest, I’ve been a fan for a while now…. Read more »

A Public Relations Pro Afraid of Public Speaking?

It is graduation season, which means many actors, comedians and entrepreneurs have recently headed back to their alma maters with inspiring words of advice to students about to embark on the “real world.” Commencement speakers like Jim Carrey, Charlie Day and Mindy Kaling have entertainingly and effortlessly expressed words of wisdom and guidance to thousands, in front of thousands, without the blink of an eye. I… Read more »