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6 Steps to Writing Engaging Healthcare Content

Healthcare is one of the most exciting areas to work in as a content writer or PR professional, especially in the current climate. There’s so much variety and no end of new things to learn. Matter Health executes programs across the continuum of care – from hospital operations, surgical robotics and mental health services to life sciences and consumer health technology – so we have a… Read more »

How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

They say, “nothing is certain but death and taxes,” though one more thing seems pretty certain lately: continuous change.  We know businesses work hard – even in stable economic times – to ensure their sustainability by distributing their dollars responsibly, but what happens when the tides shift and strategies pivot? When new priorities emerge? When economies upend? Trimming the proverbial fat is a viable strategy for… Read more »

Research Shows That Marketing Through Recessions Pays Off

Decades of Research-Based Results Prove That Marketing Through Economic Uncertainty Is the Best Way to Stay on Top. Matter EVP and PR veteran Tim Hurley recently shared 7 Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Program in Uncertain Times. In full disclosure, we were supposed to tag-team the topic in a two-part post, but Tim nailed it in one! After reading his points, my first reaction was, “I’m… Read more »

Blog Writing from Dummies – How to Turn Your Idea into Must-Read Content

A blog about writing a blog? We know — very meta. It’s like going to a play where the main character is writing a play, or watching a movie set in LA So, you’ve been tasked with writing a blog. Lucky you! Before you lament about having another thing to work on, think of the positives: You get to add your voice to the hallowed ranks… Read more »

7 Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Program in Uncertain Times

There’s no question that companies have a lot to balance these days: the war in Ukraine; inflation/stagflation; supply chain challenges; stock market volatility; tightening company valuations. These events call for careful consideration by brands across industries as outcomes impact nearly every facet of their businesses – and marketing is no exception. We’ve seen this movie before – periods of tremendous growth followed by budget tightening, a… Read more »

RSAC 2022 Recap: Back on the road

After more than a two-year hiatus, RSAC – cybersecurity’s premier live event – returned to San Francisco’s Moscone Center last week.  I had the pleasure of attending; meeting with Matter’s 10 exhibiting clients, staffing press and analysts; and catching up with all our fellow cyber professionals. The sheer magnitude of the event makes it impossible to catch everything, so for those who attended and those who… Read more »

Ask A PR Pro: What Content Do I Need, and Why Do I Need It?

This month, we sat down with a member of Matter’s Precision team to ask how PR professionals can put best practices into action. We interviewed Maggie Schlundt, senior content writer who’s landed pieces in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, BenefitsPRO, Retail Touchpoints, Electronic Design and more.  1. Why is content so important? I only have time for critical brand-building activities. Content is a critical brand-building activity. In… Read more »

Are Your Ready for RSA Conference 2022?

Heading to RSAC 2022 next week, June 6th – 9th at San Francisco’s Moscone Center? If you’re like our cybersecurity team, you’re beyond excited to reunite with the cyber community for the first time in over two years at this premier event, but curious as to what your usual 30,000 fellow infosecurity attendees are feeling.   From the travel and long queues of cyber community professionals anxious… Read more »

Ask A PR Pro: How Do I Build Media Relationships?

This month, we sat down with a member of Matter’s Precision team and asked how PR professionals can put pitching best practices into action. We interviewed Christy Reiss, a senior account executive who’s landed client coverage in Forbes, TODAY, Parents Magazine, Dark Reading and much more.  1. How can I find the right journalists for pitching? I don’t have access to databases or special services.  Research… Read more »

AP Style Matters

Like most PR pros, day in and day out I can be found referencing the “The Associated Press Stylebook.” It’s my bible to grammar geekdom. (Note that quotation marks – not italics – are used around a book’s title and that “bible,” in this use, is lowercase because it’s a non-religious reference. See what I mean about my nerdery?) There are reasons for the sometimes-quirky rules… Read more »

MEDIA ON THE MOVE: October 2021

With the days getting shorter and the nights growing longer, there’s a restless yet eager feeling in the air as we approach the end of another year. The new year means new beginnings, but for some, those  experiences have already begun.   Although October’s spooky season has ended, some are continuing to experience the first day jitters as they head into the unknown of a new position. Check out these media moves across major publications that you’ll want to keep in mind.  Forbes: Lisette Voytko transitioned to entertainment, focusing on Hollywood, music and influencing earnings.  Derek Saul,… Read more »

9 PR Lessons Learned in 9 Years

This past August, Precision – a PR division of Matter dedicated to growing brands with highly focused needs – turned nine. We were floored, to be honest; time flies when you’re having fun, and it provided us with a fascinating look back on everything we’ve experienced in our near-decade of wins, losses, challenges, joys and continuous growth year after year. It turns out, we’ve picked up… Read more »

MEDIA ON THE MOVE: September 2021

Although it happens every year, adjusting to a new season can be tough. And adjusting to a new job can be even harder, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.   Similar to September’s shift in weather, there have been major moves across beats within well-known outlets like The New York Times and HuffPost. As we transition into fall and look to finish the year strong with top-tier coverage for our clients, here are the media moves to keep a close eye on.   Financial Moves: Sabrina Escobar joins… Read more »