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Keep Your Brand Fresh with Animated Marketing Videos

When it comes to captivating audiences and building lasting brand affinity, nothing beats video. But getting the most out of your video marketing investment requires more than just having someone hit record. The limitless power of animation — bursting with color, free from the constraints of real-world physics and designed with instant comprehension in mind — is just what the doctor ordered to cut through the… Read more »

How Case Study Videos Spark Customer Imagination

Picture this: you’re the marketing leader for a product or service. You know how much your solution has helped your customers reach new levels of success. Plenty of prospects are aware of what you have to offer but converting these leads into closed deals has been a challenge. These potential clients are considering working with you, but it’s more than likely they’ll want to see some… Read more »

Are You AfrAId of the Dark? Our Scariest AI-generated Halloween Costumes for PR/Marketing Pros

You May Live to See AI-generated Costumes Beyond Your Comprehension Spooky season is upon us. And every year, folks like you, dear reader, come to us asking for help figuring out an appropriate costume to wear to work. To avoid scaring your coworkers (or getting a call from HR), we came up with some of the most terrifying marketing/comms-themed costumes your office Halloween party has ever… Read more »

3 Things to remember when launching a rebrand in 2023

Matter’s 2023 Marketing Outlook Survey found that brand leaders are prioritizing public relations and social media, marketing and analytics, and content marketing in order to drive maximum ROI. Refining marketing competencies and pushing them forward is enough of a challenge, but many marketers find themselves simultaneously supporting substantial changes in leadership, mission, product, or even the entire brand – and why? Because so many businesses are… Read more »

Why a UX Strategy is Fundamental to Website Design

User Experience (UX) is a relatively new term that’s become more utilized within the last decade. Our definition of UX is built around creating a dynamic, empathetic, engaging, yet simple, experience for users — leading them to complete a task geared towards agreed upon strategic business goals. Whether the user’s task is to complete a purchase, sign up for a newsletter/blog/demo or simply learn something new,… Read more »

Beyond the Rainbow: Designing with Pride

A behind the scenes look at how our motion graphics designers/animators work with inclusivity in mind this month and every month. Joe Skoniecki and Sarah Delahunty share their creative processes and personal sentiments behind Matter’s newest Pride animations.  Rockets. Shooting for the stars. Reaching beyond. The endless possibility of space. That’s what I wrote down in my work notebook when I started sketching out ideas for… Read more »

4 Tips to Empower the Creative Process for Remote Teams

Remote work continues to gain popularity and remains a necessity for the modern workplace. But how do you continue fostering top-notch work from afar? Stellar creative teams — like the award-winning bunch at Matter — thrive on an environment that’s part serendipity and part calculation. Similarly, designing a workflow that supports creatives who don’t share an office can be a tango. To help home-based creatives find… Read more »

An At-Home Guide to Content Creation

Resources to Empower Your Brand to Create Impactful Marketing Content from Home Amidst the new work-from-home world, Matter’s robust creative and video teams developed a series of guides to help clients create rich, impactful content using smartphones, webcams, podcasts, animation and more – all from the comfort of home. Check out each post in the series below. 1. Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video While professional production… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Using Online Images

If you’re like me then you wear glasses, have a closet full of plaid shirts, and are only on season one of Game of Thrones. More importantly, if you’re like me you’ve spent countless hours scrolling through stock photography websites looking for that perfect photo for your client’s ad, website, logo, promo item, etc.  Stock sites can have really useful, robust search features, but at times the… Read more »

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Industry trends, client successes and rock star employees here at Matter kept our blog content strong this year. To make sure you didn’t miss anything, we rounded up our top 10 most visited Matter blog posts of the year. #1. Matter’s Newest Boomerang Employee: Melissa Murtagh After leaving Matter in 2016, Melissa returned in June smiling and excited to be back as the newest member of… Read more »

How A Website Design Process Works

When designing a website, there are five steps or phases to account for. There’s the project kickoff, site architecture, web page design, website development, and launch. Each phase has its distinct purpose, and the attention given to each phase can make or break the success of your website project. This post is not about the value of a good website that converts leads. This post assumes… Read more »

It’s a Spectrum: The Importance of Color Correction

Consumers are exposed to dozens of online videos every day, making the competition to stand out fierce. But what’s the “it” factor that sets apart amazing video content from mediocre video content? Color correction. Everything from storytelling, cinematography, production design, and editing are all key elements to producing a great video. However, color correction is an often-overlooked step. Color correction isn’t a new idea; it started way… Read more »