Month: February 2024

Tech Media Has Changed. Tech PR Needs to Change With It.

The technology landscape has significantly shifted over the past few years and the media’s approach to covering this sector has shifted alongside it. Though “stagnant” is not a word that ever applied to media, the pandemic, an unpredictable global economy, and the impact of AI and rapid digitalization have accelerated the industry’s evolution, leading to sweeping changes that were once beyond our imagination. For PR and… Read more »

In-House vs Agency vs Freelancer: Pros, Cons + What to Consider

Your company is taking off – a growing customer base, some brand awareness and a team that truly believes in your mission. And to bring your brand to the next level of growth, you know you’ll need additional support. Your team is ready to invest in marketing and/or public relations and your faced with an important decision: do I hire an agency, a freelancer or keep… Read more »

Riding The Green Wave: Topics That Resonate With Sustainability Reporters

Investment in climate tech may have been down in 2023, but the industry still outperformed all other sectors – underscoring an important message: the urgency of climate action and the lucrative potential of cleantech, even in challenging times. For innovators navigating a competitive industry with limited media resources – sustainability reporting has taken a major hit from recent media industry layoffs – the key to building… Read more »

Healthcare PR: A Galaxy-sized Challenge in 2024

Predicting healthcare trends is like forecasting the weather…on Mars. But in the aftermath of last month’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference – and the increasingly positive sentiment around the state of the business of healthcare – we pulled out the telescope and identified several trends that healthcare PR teams should keep in mind as we settle into 2024. Generative AI – Friend or Foe? There are two… Read more »

Consumer Health and Wellness Trends

What Communications + Marketing Professionals Need to Know in 2024 It’s no secret the game changed significantly for how consumers view all aspects of health and wellness over the past five years – living through a global pandemic will do that! But beyond changing attitudes about hygiene and disease prevention, the growing spotlight on mental health and self-care, and the explosion in telehealth have had lasting… Read more »