Month: September 2009

A Tale of Two Social Media Plans

It’s no surprise that at Matter, we have a lot of clients embracing social media. However, what’s interesting is the way these clients go about integrating it into their communications strategies. Over the past few months, I’ve been involved with discussions about how to best go about leveraging corporate blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with two separate clients, and they have very different approaches, both equally… Read more »


My Father is an eternal optimist. Without energy or effort, he’s able to identify the positive aspects of every situation. Bad weather is an opportunity to read a good book. A home project gone awry becomes a learning experience. He’s that type of person and perhaps similar to someone you may know. His spirit and enthusiasm are a wonderful influence on many, including his youngest son…. Read more »

Learn From PR Mistakes

For those of you who don’t know I’m a celebrity fanatic, always looking for the inside scoop, rumors and gossips into celebrity lives.  Sunday night I tuned into the MTV Music Video Awards, just like the other 11 million viewers and witnessed Kanye West’s PR mistake.  For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s award speech during the beginning of the… Read more »

Facebook, You Got Your Own Thing Going

“I hate turkeys. If you go to the grocery store and you stand in front of the lunch section too long, you start to get pissed off at turkeys. You see, like, turkey ham, turkey pastrami, turkey bologna… Somebody needs to tell the turkeys, “Man, just be yourself!”” That’s right, I just opened a post with Mitch Hedberg. And I’ll tell you why. Today I was… Read more »

Honoring those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and the journalistic efforts that ensure we never forget

Like so many people, I was driving to work this morning, piecing together memories of this day eight years ago. It was day two of my journalism internship at the local newspaper and, as I waltzed through the door at 9 a.m., I was startled by a blockade of writers and photographers hovered around the newsroom’s sole television set, mouths agape, some with tears in their… Read more »

Be prepared: not just a good motto for Boy Scouts…

As a former Boy Scout (okay, full disclosure: I lasted maybe one year…), the importance of “being prepared” was hammered into my head quite a bit when I was growing up. Honestly, it’s still probably one of the best pieces of advice anyone’s ever given me in life. Especially in PR, preparation is everything.

Real PR Pitches Revealed

We appreciate CRM guru and master of multiple media Brent Leary sharing examples of effective PR pitches and a pushy, just plain cold PR approach in his latest blog post, “Blogger Relationship Mis-management: Saying No to Madame Yes.”

Some End of Summer and Economic Thoughts

Sitting here in my home office on Friday, September 4th, thanks to our CEO, Scott Signore, giving us the day off and making this a long(er) Labor Day weekend, I can’t help but blog about the end of summer.