Month: September 2010

Lady Gaga versus Bono: Who Takes the ‘Influencer’ Crown?

I’ve been following Brian Solis’s ongoing dialogue about popularity versus influence, and he repeatedly and adamantly says, “Influence is not popularity.”  To further back up his claim, he recently worked with Vocus to conduct a survey to determine what makes an online influencer. Today, they published the findings in a report titled, “Influencer grudge match: Lady Gaga versus Bono.”

The Team at Matter

In a way that only my wife can do, she responded to me lamenting about my Fantasy Football team’s poor performance on Sunday by suggesting I pretend my team won. That’s a good point, really. If I can pretend I drafted these guys then I might as well pretend they won, right?

How much power does Facebook have?

Facebook can control your life. Okay, so that was an exaggeration. But, Facebook did control the life of Meet Eater, an Australian plant that was watered and fed in conjunction with interaction on its Facebook page.

Life Matters

Just a few short months after we in the Matter Providence office toasted our colleague Christina Beavers‘ wedding, it was time today to raise a glass of bubbly for our own Julie Sellew! We wished Julie the best on her upcoming wedding to her sweetie Tim (and asked her to take many photos during their awesome honeymoon to Hong Kong and Thailand!) . That brings our… Read more »

How to ace a PR job interview

Here at Matter we’ve been hiring. We’ve been fortunate to bring in some cool new accounts and grow some existing accounts. The hiring process and interviews have gotten me thinking about traits that impress me in PR candidates. Here’s what I look for:

Planning for planning’s sake

Launching into Q4, many of our clients are already looking ahead to 2011. That means we at Matter will be spending plenty of time brainstorming creative ways to out-shine our 2010 campaigns and results (who knew it was possible?). And while some of those creative ideas sound great during our brainstorm sessions, sitting down to tactically plan their execution can be rather sobering.

The problem with Gmail Priority Inbox

First, a disclosure: I am an unashamed Google fan-boy.  And, as a service, I’m sure Gmail Priority Inbox will shine like most of the others. The problem is, it is just one more crutch for individuals to use in dealing with too much email.

2 HUGE mistakes in online marketing

Last week, I wrote about the evolution of online customer engagement over the past decade. I advocated that your customer – not your website – needs to be at the center of your online marketing strategy.

Tips for keeping up with the fast pace of PR

The PR industry has changed rapidly in the past 10 years. On one hand, technology has made our lives easier by providing us with instant access to information and new forms of communication. On the other hand, it makes your head spin.