Month: September 2014

How working at a PR agency has made me a better teammate

Throughout my career, my hope is to improve and acquire new skills, but one skill that I think doesn’t get enough attention is learning how to work, and work well, with others. Sounds simple right? Many of us have been a member of a team before – whether it’s a sports team, a club, or a team project in school, but the dynamic of the team… Read more »

Reporters Are Writing These Headlines and You Won’t Believe What’s Happening Next!

In a Mad Men episode this past season, there was a brief shot of the front of the New York Times issue following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The headline read: KENNEDY IS KILLED BY SNIPER AS HE RIDES IN CAR IN DALLAS; JOHNSON SWORN IN ON PLANE After a search for other front page newspaper images of this terrible tragedy, there were examples of… Read more »

As PR professionals, fostering relationships is at the core of what we do

Meeting new people. Learning new things. That’s what it’s all about. As a former journo, that’s the very reason I got into journalism in the first place. The writing always came second. What I craved was the interaction with all different types of people with varying views and knowing what they know; what makes them tick. As a PR professional it’s not much different. Human interactions… Read more »

Keep your PR healthy when an agency is no longer an option

With many clients running startups and strapped for cash, it’s a hard loss for our team and our client when they have to put a midstream stop to the PR program. Media relations takes time. Although PR is so much more than just media relations, for many of our clients, media coverage is the golden ring. Dropping the ring when it’s in hand is especially frustrating…. Read more »

PR Pros: How To Get Your Morning News Fix

As any PR pro knows, staying plugged in to the news is a must. Everything from world headlines to national stories, tech trends, pop culture, and whatever’s trending day-to-day on social media – staying ‘in the know’ helps us be creative and gives us an edge when pitching fresh, new angles to reporters. That’s great, but who has the time, patience and attention span to absorb… Read more »

In launch of #OneGoodReason, CVS demonstrates ‘3 Good Reasons’ we can all learn from them

As you may have caught on the news on your drive in yesterday morning or throughout the day on Wednesday, it’s a big week for drugstore chain (and Matter client) CVS. Earlier this year CVS Caremark made a commitment to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at all CVS/pharmacy stores by October 1, 2014 – becoming the first national pharmacy to do so. Yesterday morning CVS officially… Read more »

5 Things PR Agencies Stopped Doing

Years ago it was a simpler time for PR firms. You’d land a client, find the right news hook, set up a media tour and hit the road to visit analysts and journalists. Then, you’d count up all the news clippings, put them in a big, shiny book, and slam it on the table during the next quarterly agency review. The louder the sound of the… Read more »