Month: August 2010

Reputations Matter

Is someone doing PR for PR? This week, Advertising Age reported that the public relations industry fared well compared with other industries in a national survey gauging opinion of the professions. AdAge said, “In a Gallop poll this month that asked adults whether their overall view of various sectors is negative or positive, the ‘advertising and public relations industry’ fared better than those other businesses. One-third… Read more »

PR that matters to our clients' businesses

It’s nice when things come together. Clients call on us to help them do something. Maybe they want media coverage to raise awareness, or to help position them a certain way to a certain audience. Maybe they want awards or speaking opportunities to help differentiate and elevate them in a crowded market. Maybe they want assistance navigating the waters of social media to help them manage their… Read more »

Exposé, Exposure and Transparency

I recently spoke with a friend who used to be a client.  Neither of us is tied to the company through which we met, but we stay in touch.  That company (I’ll call it ThatCo to protect the innocent) was recently included in an exposé of its industry at the hands of the Wall Street Journal. It’s the kind of story CEOs dread.  The week-long series… Read more »

Steven Slater, JetBlue and effective blogging

When JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater made international news after reportedly blowing up at an uncooperative airplane passenger, he seemed to many to be the real-life Peter Gibbons character from the film “Office Space.”

Still have ink on your fingers?

We have all (including myself) spent a fair share of time talking about new media here on Matter Chatter. And yes, it is indeed the face of the future. As someone who spends a significant portion of her day reading blogs and managing Facebook and Twitter pages for clients, it’s easy to get sucked into the instantaneous information-overload that is online and social media. I had… Read more »

Public Recognition of a Stalwart Captain

Full disclosure: I am a flag-waving Matter Communications fan. I’ve put in time at a few agencies, ranging from a small PR division of a primarily ad shop to  playing the “cog in the machine” role at a global agency, and nowhere have I felt more confident in company leadership than at Matter.  And this week, I’m thrilled to see public recognition of our CEO, Scott… Read more »

How do you spend your time online?

A new report from Nielsen reveals Americans are spending more and more time on social networks. I guess that’s not surprising. But would you believe social networking now accounts for more than twice the amount of time spent online compared to any other activity? According to the report, social networking represents 22.7 percent of the time Americans spend online (from computers, as opposed to mobile devices)–… Read more »