Month: May 2017

Media on the Move: Week of May 29

With technology rapidly changing the media landscape, journalists are constantly moving to not only other publications and beats, but also to in-house content gigs.  As public relations professionals, it is imperative we are always up to speed on the latest media moves to best serve our clients. We’ve round up some of the most significant reporter moves relevant to our clients’ industries below and hope to… Read more »

Politics and PR: To Speak or Not To Speak

Wiretapping. Conflicts of interest. Russia. Twitter. Fake news. From a public relations perspective, the events originating from and surrounding the current administration are jaw-dropping. The news pipeline is a perpetual PR case study, making for spirited conversations among media professionals. Yet when it comes to the business world – especially relating to PR initiatives – there’s an uneasiness and trepidation around discussing political developments. As with… Read more »

Tech Trends Abound at TechFestNW

I recently had the pleasure of attending my very first TechFestNW, an annual tech conference that brings the brightest minds, companies and ideas in technology together in the Rose City. Throughout the two-day event, various speakers – from growing startups (like Portland-based Sightbox, a client of ours) and major companies (think Nike and Hewlett Packard) – discussed trends they’re seeing across the industry. Along with keynote… Read more »

Matter & Boulder Startup Week 2017

Matter is a proud sponsor of Boulder Startup Week, an independent, five day event that celebrates the unique community in Boulder, Colorado from May 15-19. Learn more about us and where we will be this week from the blog post below. Don’t forget to follow our Boulder Twitter handle for real-time updates. Attending BSW? Keep an eye out for our Snapchat filter at select events! A… Read more »

Use Your Words

Language is behavior. This mantra was preached at me and my colleagues constantly by a former boss (and current mentor in absentia) from my days in San Francisco. One of his favorite ways to illustrate it was to insist that we refer not to “my clients”, but rather “the clients I serve on behalf of the agency”. At the time, I thought he was just being… Read more »

Content Marketing: Where Old Can Be New Again

In this world of constant hunger for new brand content, it’s simply not enough to recolor your logo every few years and write a press release. These days the people expect all the things; new, shiny, packaged and delivered ka-pow! Straight to their eyes. How do you stand out in such a demanding environment? You’ve been creating content for years already…how do you find inspiration and… Read more »

Using Infographics for Creative Content Marketing

Brands and organizations are moving more heavily into content marketing, and the demand to produce a stream of creative work means marketing managers are looking for ways to get it done at scale. One way to approach this is to develop a content package consisting of related pieces that can be used and re-purposed in a variety of ways, thereby extending the life of creative assets… Read more »

Tale of the Boomerang Employee: Why I left and Then Returned

Most Millennials will agree being in today’s workforce is hard. Not for the reason of actually working – because that in and of itself is challenging – but more as it relates to the number of opportunities available to us. There is so much we can do, see, explore and offer that sometimes it’s hard to say no to new opportunities. This past Spring, I found myself… Read more »