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4 Tips For Applying For (And Landing!) Your First Job In PR

It’s usually in those last few months before college graduation, when reality sets in and the task of finding a job looms. Goodbye, cushy college life! Hello, real world. All of that course work and preparation over the past few years have led to this moment that once seemed impossibly far away. Questions like, Which job is best for my skill set? and Where do I… Read more »

"What do you do?" Defining the undefinable career in Public Relations

I have come to terms with the fact that my parents will never be able to confidently explain to their friends just what it is that I do. The conversations often go something along the lines of: “She works in PR.” “Oh, what’s that?” “It’s something like advertising.” It’s okay Mom and Dad, I still love you. I’ve been having this conversation with clients a lot… Read more »

So, You Just Started Your First PR Job?

Just about a month has gone by since I started as an Account Coordinator here at Matter Communications – a month packed to the brim with new experiences and new challenges. As a recent grad just starting her first “real-world” job, I know exactly how awkward and full of butterflies the beginning can be. But I have also learned a few useful tips to help ease… Read more »