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The Balloon Boy saga: a lesson on publicity stunts

Coverage of last week’s “Balloon Boy” episode has been overwhelming, if not completely annoying. Now that it has “officially” been certified a hoax, people are weighing in on everything from how the media attention will affect little Falcon Heene to how aggressively child protective services should be intervening. One of the most spot-on observations I’ve read over the past week was in a blog entry from… Read more »

Should small businesses hire PR firms?

This morning, the New York Times blog “You’re the boss” included an entry written by Jennifer Walzer, founder and chief executive of Backup My Info!. In the post, Jennifer offers her advice to other small business owners who want to get ink and suggests that it’s not necessary to hire a PR firm. She highlights some fantastic tips and I certainly don’t disagree with most of… Read more »

Be prepared: not just a good motto for Boy Scouts…

As a former Boy Scout (okay, full disclosure: I lasted maybe one year…), the importance of “being prepared” was hammered into my head quite a bit when I was growing up. Honestly, it’s still probably one of the best pieces of advice anyone’s ever given me in life. Especially in PR, preparation is everything.

Back to Basics

As newsrooms at print newspapers continue to shrink, we’re seeing an increased use of syndicated content in place of locally-written coverage. In addition, there are some topics that simply no longer have a reporter devoted to them, or have one reporter as opposed to two or three. For example, the Providence Journal no longer has a reporter assigned to reviewing consumer electronics. If, as a PR… Read more »

Twitter – you’ve officially won me over

When I first heard about Twitter, I quickly dismissed it.   In college, my friends and I all religiously updated our “Away messages” on AOL Instant Messenger, providing a constant stream of FYIs to our friends about where we were, what mood we were in, or what we were doing at any given moment. In those days, it was unheard of to simply sign off when… Read more »