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What’s in a Word? Adding Definition to Public Relations

I like words. I like them as communicative devices. I like them as sounds. I like them as symbols. Words can represent a great deal more than the message they’ve been strung together to express, and you’ll find that most people in marketing and design agree – hence the massive level of attention we heap onto strategic things like keyword research, brand messaging and content development…. Read more »

FACT: PR People Earn More Than Reporters

Every reporter and PR person knows that there exists a love/hate relationship between the two factions. Reporters get annoyed by impersonal, spammy, spray-and-pray pitches. They don’t like being pestered by pushy PR people paid to peddle people and products. Cutesy alliteration grates on their nerves. PR folks, on the other hand, sometimes find reporters rude, unresponsive and occasionally sneaky, such as when they agree to a… Read more »