Author: Julianna Sheridan

Why Reputation Management Is Essential In 2024

Reputation management can be easy to push to the side. Your brand is checking the boxes, you’re staying out of the media spotlight and you have happy customers – what’s wrong with all that? What is reputation management, anyway? Reputation management is one facet of crisis and strategic communications, focused on building a strategy to maintain the perception of your brand among your stakeholders. Managing a… Read more »

AP Style Matters

Like most PR pros, day in and day out I can be found referencing the “The Associated Press Stylebook.” It’s my bible to grammar geekdom. (Note that quotation marks – not italics – are used around a book’s title and that “bible,” in this use, is lowercase because it’s a non-religious reference. See what I mean about my nerdery?) There are reasons for the sometimes-quirky rules… Read more »

Where is the Food and Beverage Industry Going? Summer Fancy Food Show 2019

Just as the summer heat started to descend on NYC, Matter employees Kate McCann and Julianna Sheridan ventured to the city that never sleeps to experience all things food and beverage-related at the Summer Fancy Food Show, held annually at the famed Javits Center. While Matter has several food & beverage clients that attend the show every year, this was both their first time exploring the… Read more »

Marketing Mojo: Insights from One Door CMO & SVP of Product, Tom Erskine

Julianna Sheridan, account manager at Matter, recently spoke with One Door CMO and SVP of product, Tom Erskine, to discuss B2B marketing, the retail industry and more. Check out the video from the interview and read the full conversation below. Julianna Sheridan (JS): Tom, tell us a little bit about yourself and One Door. Tom Erskine (TE): I’m the senior vice president of product and chief… Read more »

Life Beyond Public Relations: Communicators in the Real World

A few months ago I wrote about how our first jobs make an impact on our careers in public relations. After a recent trip, I’ve come to realize that our jobs as communicators have a profound impact on our personal life skills. Earlier this year, I was traveling in Morocco, a country where the culture is rooted in bartering. I was on a mission to find… Read more »

Quiz: What PR Program Fits Your Needs?

Finding the right public relations partner can be a daunting task. There are endless options in each market with different offerings and approaches. From small boutique shops to global agencies, it’s difficult to identify the right PR program for your organization and its goals. Are you looking for traditional media relations? What about social and SEO/SEM capabilities? PR agencies now more than ever need to offer… Read more »

Life Before Public Relations: How First Jobs Make an Impact

When your parents tell you to get a job at 16 years old, the last thing you’re usually thinking about is how this will affect your career after college. But it’s those first positions that set the stage for experiences that will shape your career – though not necessarily how you’d expect. I got my first job while I was in high school as a receptionist… Read more »

Being a PR Generalist Has Its Perks

Now more than ever, it’s important for PR professionals to be versatile and agile – to move between industries seamlessly. While developing a speciality in one area certainly has its advantages, the PR generalist is one of the most nimble and necessary communications professionals out there, bridging B2C and B2B communications with H2H (human to human) strategies.   WHO Who is the PR generalist? They’re the… Read more »