Author: Nicole Bedard

5 Ways to level up your brand with 3D animation

Boosting brand engagement. Aligning your brand with visual trends while differentiating yourself in crowded spaces. Going above and beyond what seems visually possible. And giving you the single best tool for demonstrating the ins, outs and everything-in-betweens of a product. 3D animation is – and we sincerely mean this – amazing.

Emerging Motion Graphics Trends in 2021 + Matter’s NEW ANIMATION REEL!

2020 was a banner year for motion graphics and animation. As in-person live action production went on hold for a little bit (and remote production ramped up), we saw a big shift towards animation – and that demand hasn’t slowed down. While the value of animation for brand storytelling remains as strong as ever, what it takes to engage and delight audiences is a little different here… Read more »