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A Quick Guide to Effectively Using Influencers

As many brands know, influencers are a necessary part of any consumer PR and digital marketing program and an effective way to amplify a product or services launch. However, the landscape has changed dramatically over the years and continues to shift on a regular basis. When influencers first came on the scene, many of the relationships could be nurtured on an organic basis. Free product sampling… Read more »

Employees vs. Influencers: Are They Really That Different?

Leveraging social influencers is a common strategy to help boost brand awareness. Using their social platforms, influencers help spread the word about a particular product or brand campaign via photos, videos and personal anecdotes. As a result, brands reach a new audience in hopes to garner more brand fans. Though influencer programs are commonly associated with consumer clients, business to business (B2B) companies shouldn’t rule out… Read more »

Health Tech Influencers Worth Watching

Healthcare is in the midst of a major transformation, and technology promises to factor significantly into how this pillar of our society and economy comes out the other side. As the industry continues to evolve and shift further toward a value-based model, emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will be key. With… Read more »

A Manifesto for PR Agencies

 I believe any PR agency in 2013 that is not obsessed with the inherent value of Search Engine Optimization should immediately sell to a conglomerate for pennies on the dollar or declare bankruptcy to protect what assets remain. You’re over.  I believe that PR agencies who don’t understand how to actually engage with “influencers” ought to acknowledge this distressing fact candidly when pitching prospects, rather than… Read more »