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Advice for Landing Your Internship, From A Current Intern

Landing A PR Internship While searching for an internship, I was intrigued by Matter’s witty, active and engaging digital presence. I explored the site, eventually finding Maria, a Matter Vice President stationed at Matter’s Boulder (BoCo) office. With nothing to lose but a little time and dignity, I sent her an email proposing an informational chat about Matter and the greater PR industry. Fortunately, Maria was… Read more »

Intern Turned Employee: Agency Life Brings a New Perspective

Take it from someone who chose their career path in middle school, a decision based solely off of Sex and The City’s ultimate boss-lady Samantha Jones, that there is a lot more to working in the PR industry than flashy press events and client lunches. In college I set out to prepare myself for a real world career in PR instead of one set in NYC… Read more »

4 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Interns

It’s that time of year again when the promise of summer beckons and visions of ‘doing nothing’ dance in students’ heads. While the thought of taking the summer off is tempting, many students soon realize that boredom would prevail, especially if the bulk of their friends are working. Cue the summer internship. These job opportunities present benefits for everyone involved. For students who want a leg… Read more »

An Internship in PR: Breaking the Coffee Delivery Stereotype

Walking up the steps and into the office building clad in the Matter signature red, I had no idea what to expect for my summer internship. I had never worked in the PR industry and didn’t know much more about it than the average person would. With each step a new idea of the stereotypical intern flashed through my head, fetching coffee all day, making endless… Read more »