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Why selecting a PR agency with a national presence Matters

The opening of our new and expanded office in Boston has me thinking about all of our office locations – 5 nationwide – and how we’ve situated our smart and savvy staff in regions that directly benefit our clients. Here are a few credible reasons as to why clients should consider PR and social media agencies with the depth and breadth of multiple geographies. First, it… Read more »

PR Firm Matter Communications Launches West Coast Office!

It’s official: after months of careful research and planning, today we open the doors to our new, full-service PR office in Portland, Oregon by acquiring The Hollenbeck Group in Portland. The new office will be run by long-time PR veteran Kent Hollenbeck, who joins Matter as Vice President. Effective immediately, Matter Communications has a bona fide West Coast presence strategically located in a burgeoning city full… Read more »

10 Ways to Be Invaluable to Your PR Firm

The public relations industry is enjoying something of a renaissance in recent years, because social media is all about engagement, and engagement has always been the lifeblood of solid PR pros. It’s what we do, whether it’s building relationships with print media, bloggers or influencers on various social channels. In short, it’s a great time to be in PR, and an even better time to for… Read more »

3 Things Senior Marketing People Get Wrong about Working with PR Agencies

When you’ve run a PR agency as long as I have – ten years and proudly counting – you begin to notice patterns of behavior from the marketing folks who are your prospects. There are a lot of brilliant CMOs and marketing VPs who are great at their jobs, but aren’t quite as skilled at picking the right PR partner because they evaluate faulty criteria. Here… Read more »

Matter Communications Wins Best Places To Work – AGAIN!

I try to reserve this blog space for insights about public relations, social media and marketing, but every now and again something happens at our PR agency that deserves comment. A few days ago my firm won the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award, marking the second time in two years we’ve collected the honor. To me, this is perhaps the highest form of… Read more »

7 Traits of a Solid PR Pro

 Having been around the block a while, I believe I have a good understanding of the personal characteristics that are commonly found in a successful PR professional. At a minimum, these are the traits of the folks we seek when filling key positions here at Matter Communications.  In my humble opinion, PR people need to be…  Business-minded What’s the end goal? That’s what PR people need… Read more »

Stop Calling us PR “Practitioners!”

Somewhere along the way the PR industry got a bad rap. Maybe it was one too many gum-snapping, vapid airheads masquerading as public relations pros that tarnished our field. They’re a rare and feckless creature, but they have and do exist. Just as the newspaper business has caricatures of hard-boiled, cigarette-smoking, bourbon-swilling reporters, the public relations industry has its own cartoonish persona that undermines the very… Read more »