Month: July 2009

PR Agency Matter Communications Adds Five Clients

Click Here to View PDF > Newburyport, Mass. –  What Matters Matter Communications, Inc., a full-service public relations agency specializing in consumer and high-technology markets, today announced continued growth in its client base as five companies have selected Matter for public relations services. Matter’s client roster additions include: Agion Technologies – a leader in providing natural antimicrobial solutions based on silver, “Nature’s antimicrobial” BatchBlue Software – a developer of useful, user-friendly CRM softwarefor small businesses… Read more »

Earned Attention

Greg Verdino recently blogged about the apparent differences between “earned media” and “earned attention”. The former garners a great deal of coverage on the world wide web, including its own entry on Wikipedia.

Profits vs. Benefits

When discussing the effectiveness of social media, we always prepare ourselves to answer the ultimate, decision-driving question – “When will we start to see a difference in sales?” That, of course, is the wrong question to ask. Naturally, the strategy behind the entrance to the social media realm can be customized to influence sales as much as possible.  Promotions and activities can be designed to drive… Read more »

Meeting in person

Last week, I was reminded of how much I value in-person meetings. My team and I met with long-standing client Lexar for the purpose of planning our program for the year ahead. While we’ve been working as an extension of Lexar’s dynamite marketing team for some time – and we’ve been informed and aligned throughout the relationship – the opportunity to collaborate first-hand and overcome planning… Read more »

NY Times: PR and New Media

The New York Times recently caught our eye with a thought-provoking article on the changing role of technology-focused public relations pros.

HootSuite's the way to go when managing multiple Twitter accounts

  If you’re juggling multiple Twitter accounts and you’re not using HootSuite yet, your life is way too difficult.   As a busy PR account executive who enjoys a healthy dose of social media each day, I’m currently managing and/or contributing to more than five Twitter accounts. I have one personal account, but, like all of my colleagues, I also chime in on our company account… Read more »

Facebook simplifies privacy settings

I’ve been finding a lot of interesting articles on lately – today they have a good write-up from Juan Carlos Perez, a writer with IDG News Service that we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. Perez takes a look at the latest updates Facebook is making to privacy settings, and also at some of the ways the site is trying to more… Read more »

Twitter – you’ve officially won me over

When I first heard about Twitter, I quickly dismissed it.   In college, my friends and I all religiously updated our “Away messages” on AOL Instant Messenger, providing a constant stream of FYIs to our friends about where we were, what mood we were in, or what we were doing at any given moment. In those days, it was unheard of to simply sign off when… Read more »