Author: Shaw Flick

Blog Writing from Dummies – How to Turn Your Idea into Must-Read Content

A blog about writing a blog? We know — very meta. It’s like going to a play where the main character is writing a play, or watching a movie set in LA So, you’ve been tasked with writing a blog. Lucky you! Before you lament about having another thing to work on, think of the positives: You get to add your voice to the hallowed ranks… Read more »

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 3

Here’s a question we get a lot here at Matter: Are podcasts worth adding to my content marketing strategy? The answer to that is simple: yes. Wait, are you not convinced by our one-word answer? Well, you’re in luck, because part three of our Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content is going to dig into why you should refocus your priorities on better kinds of engagement, how podcasts fit into a content marketing strategy and what measurements you can use to demonstrate the value of podcasts to your business.

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 2

Podcasts vs. Video Series   So, you’ve realized the value of long-form content in building brand affinity and audience interaction – that’s awesome! You’re already ahead of the B2B and B2C content curves. Now comes the real challenge (also the fun part): planning and producing that content. With our breakdown of pros and cons, alongside general recommendations based on our production experiences, you’ll have a great foundation to tell your story with long-form and original content.  At Matter, we specialize in long-form… Read more »

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 1

Brand Affinity, Binge-worthiness and You   You’ve probably heard tales of brand affinity, what some marketers call the holy grail of audience engagement. And there’s a good chance you know it’s a powerful way to build relationships between your brand and your audience. If this is all new to you, here’s a quick definition: Brand affinity is a trust relationship, a deeper sense of connection developed… Read more »