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How Doing Good in Online Video Can Help Your Brand Do Well

  I find all too often that companies are using online video as a means to hammer home their services, products, values, and messaging- and just that. We all know the stats about how video is an engaging way to showcase what your business can do, but unless you’re the creator of an exciting new consumer tech product or are offering a deal that’s almost too… Read more »

‘Girls’ social media marketing: Provocative and almost Seamless

HBO’s wildly popular show ‘Girls’ premiered their third season on Sunday night after extensively using social media to promote the new season.  Many brands and television shows have used Facebook and Twitter to reach out to fans and promote themselves, but ‘Girls’ went above and beyond to create a complete social marketing scheme.  Companies take note, because ‘Girls’ is doing it right! Here are five ways… Read more »

Apathy Interrupted: How Smart Marketing Wins

Once upon a time, a movie camera was invented. What would follow were silent movies, movies in black and white, movies in color, movies with sound, special effects and eventually even 3D movies. There would be cult classics, box office biggies, busts, rom coms and everything in-between, and there would be public relations efforts for each one. These days there seems to be a new multi-million… Read more »

Matter Communications Green Lights Broadcast Video Production

Last night, Matter Communications held an open house to celebrate our tremendous growth and show off our new broadcast production studio. With an energetic turnout, business colleagues walked our expanded halls, decorated with client successes and accolades, and chatted up Matter execs on why this agency is so special. My take? It’s a special agency because Matter is listening. We haven’t expanded into graphic design, video… Read more »

Reacting in Real Time: Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

Anyone who has turned on a television, radio, or computer in the last few weeks is painfully aware of the tragedy that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon. Those of us who spend significant amounts of our days trolling the web, checking social media, and are rarely found without a screen in our face, have been inundated with news stories since the minute the attack happened…on… Read more »

‘@MatterComm – We're on Instagram!

I actually intended to register Matter Communications on Instagram months ago, but then the whole “Instagram is going to sell your photos” thing happened. So, I waited to see what would come next… But I’m tired of waiting – Instagram is just too darn fun NOT to use! I’ve been using Instagram for about a year now, since I purchased my first iPhone. I know, I… Read more »

NYC dinner parties, joggling and PR

An article by New York Times writer Nick Bilton hit home, (well, PR home) recently.  Bilton’s Oct. 14 piece, “Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age” referenced a dinner party he hosted at which many of his guests (including Om Malik) were posting to social media sites, all while noshing on pulled pork tacos and clinking glasses filled with red wine. And what ended up happening?… Read more »

The Resurrection of the Turkish Coffeehouse (in 140 characters or less)

While mainstream media takes up a fair amount of mindshare in our society, and certainly in my profession, it is, by no means, the most important avenue of influence. In fact, mass media is a fairly new phenomenon. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that national news, syndications, and bureaus started to take shape. Since that time, our eyes and ears have been focused on the… Read more »

The Dramatic Impact of Social Video Recommendations on Brand Metrics – from REELSEO

From REELSEO: According to new research, viewers are far more likely to recall a brand name and engage with an ad’s message if a branded video has been recommended to them by a peer. The survey, conducted by Decipher Research to measure the effectiveness of social video advertising, found that social video recommendations had a direct impact on traditional brand metrics and ad enjoyment.

Video Social Media Checklist

As a new face to a new role and title here at Matter, I thought I’d write my first blog post stating the obvious. Well, I should rephrase that: write my first blog post stating what’s obvious to me, the Video Production Specialist, in regards to videos and social media. I will give it to you short and simple, after a few selling points:

New Year's resolutions, Self-editing and Twitter

I’ve always been a strong writer; growing up, my mother was very strict when it came to school work, especially written reports. I remember countless hours spent at the kitchen table, writing and re-writing book reports, history papers and science projects while she coached me:

Profits vs. Benefits

When discussing the effectiveness of social media, we always prepare ourselves to answer the ultimate, decision-driving question – “When will we start to see a difference in sales?” That, of course, is the wrong question to ask. Naturally, the strategy behind the entrance to the social media realm can be customized to influence sales as much as possible.  Promotions and activities can be designed to drive… Read more »