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Leaders Matter: Announcing an Agency President

Today, Mandy Mladenoff was promoted to President here at Matter. In her new position, Mandy will guide our agency’s strategy while managing our dynamite people, and she will be even more active in planning for our future growth. She will provide teams with direction, clients with counsel, and lead our offices with the smart, savvy and engaging professional demeanor that has been a constant throughout her… Read more »

Why selecting a PR agency with a national presence Matters

The opening of our new and expanded office in Boston has me thinking about all of our office locations – 5 nationwide – and how we’ve situated our smart and savvy staff in regions that directly benefit our clients. Here are a few credible reasons as to why clients should consider PR and social media agencies with the depth and breadth of multiple geographies. First, it… Read more »

Why Our PR Agency Just Went “All-In” in Boston

I’m thrilled to spread the news that – with gusto! – Matter just expanded its footprint in the city of Boston! We’ve moved from our modest shared space to a custom-built location designed to encourage smart thinking, creativity, and which is conducive to generating results.  It’s a place where smart and savvy PR professionals want to hang their hats – and we’ll be supporting our growth… Read more »

What Matters in Your Search for a PR Job

I just spoke with a dynamite young professional who is moving to the mid-west and leaving Matter after four years – Molly, we will miss you! – and that quick chat reminded how I am able to see more clearly the characteristics of an agency that provides employees with a career rather than just a job. (It’s visibility I have now, after working for a number… Read more »

Week One: Another Kind of Internship at a Boulder PR Agency

I have to admit that on the first day of my internship at Matter Communications I had some major jitters. I had no idea what to expect, and all I knew about PR, or account management in general, were the shady antics that Pete Campbell conducted on “Mad Men.” Having been a journalist with two internships under my belt, I knew I could handle the craziness… Read more »

From NBPT to PDX: The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

A bi-coastal, cross-office exchange program – how cool is that? With the importance of office culture always top-of-mind at Matter Communications, a program was created wherein each month two professionals from our East Coast locations are offered the opportunity to visit our new Portland, OR location. The goal: foster work relationships and encourage collaboration. Sarah Ellis and myself were recently (and fortunately) selected for the trip,… Read more »

4 Tips for Getting Work Done – Anywhere

Here at Matter, our team of 80 plus employees works out of four main offices: the Newburyport headquarters, Boston, Providence and Portland, Oregon. In addition to those four offices, we also have other small offices that team members work out of, and we all share the need to occasionally work from home, especially since most of us are located in New England and road conditions can… Read more »

Shame on the Spray-And-Pray Sales Rep

I’m dealing with a salesperson that has crossed the line from persistent to annoying, and doesn’t understand what we do and need. He’s spamming me with crazy regularity and the content of his pitch is meaningless to me and my business. The truth is, there are far too many PR agencies that take this similar tact while pitching. As PR professionals, we’re always trying to sell… Read more »

5 Ways PR Firms Impress New Clients

We started working with a few new (and terrific!) clients in the past couple of months, and early reports indicate that all systems are go and we’re off and running positively. These same reports also indicate that our smart and savvy public relations and social media teams execute in a way that is a welcome change from the process, behavior and lack of results generated from… Read more »

5 Ways to Lose a PR Pitch

PR agencies typically have to earn the business they win by jumping through multiple hoops. Often we get an RFI (Request for Information) or an RFP (Request for Proposals) from the company looking to hire a new firm. Anyone who has completed these knows they’re laborious, time-sucking exercises that don’t accomplish much more than a half-hour phone call would.  But, that’s part of the gig, and… Read more »

A Manifesto for PR Agencies

 I believe any PR agency in 2013 that is not obsessed with the inherent value of Search Engine Optimization should immediately sell to a conglomerate for pennies on the dollar or declare bankruptcy to protect what assets remain. You’re over.  I believe that PR agencies who don’t understand how to actually engage with “influencers” ought to acknowledge this distressing fact candidly when pitching prospects, rather than… Read more »

FACT: PR People Earn More Than Reporters

Every reporter and PR person knows that there exists a love/hate relationship between the two factions. Reporters get annoyed by impersonal, spammy, spray-and-pray pitches. They don’t like being pestered by pushy PR people paid to peddle people and products. Cutesy alliteration grates on their nerves. PR folks, on the other hand, sometimes find reporters rude, unresponsive and occasionally sneaky, such as when they agree to a… Read more »

10 reasons why working in PR rocks

Today I came across an article on 10 reasons why working in PR is tough. The author, Andrew Worob, was careful enough to include a disclaimer that (of course) many other professions are much more challenging, and he just wanted to have a little fun and acknowledge the many reasons we PR pros often end our days collapsing onto a couch or bar stool, grateful to… Read more »