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The Secret Sauce Behind Top tier Media Hits

Securing media coverage for your brand is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. Media coverage boosts brand visibility and enhances credibility while fostering trust among your target audiences. But in a world where countless brands are playing the same game, standing out and capturing the attention of prominent reporters is a challenge.

Media on the Move: August 2023

With the final days of summer approaching, the “back to school” mentality has been prevalent across industries. And with no shortage of breaking healthcare headlines, August media moves were in full swing for healthcare reporters and editors — from promotions to departures to new employment opportunities. BBC News Global health correspondent, Naomi Grimley, leaves BBC News after 23 years. Previously, Grimley held the posts of political… Read more »

You’ve Got Mail: How to Create an Engaging Media Mailer

In the age of digital communication there’s something uniquely exciting about getting a hand-written card or package in the mail. For PR pros pitching products, recreating this feeling for your media contacts can be a great way to stand out in a sea of thousands of emails. This post shares tips on how to execute an elevated media mailer that is memorable and clearly communicates your… Read more »

Rapid Response PR is Dead; Long Live Rapid Response PR

As anyone working in the media, PR or the cybersecurity industry knows all too well, not a week – and arguably a day – goes by without a data breach, major cyber-attack or some serious security threat impacting a major corporation, not to mention thousands or potentially millions of consumers whose personal data and financial information is often exposed during these incidents. Underscoring this assertion are… Read more »

Finding Your Corporate Social Voice

I’m sure you’ve researched successful corporate social accounts, and discovered some fun ones. There are many round ups that include memorable content such as Taco Bell (@tacobell) and its sassy comebacks, clever retweets and witty banter. While the fast food chain has seen incredible success, as HuffPost says, “Whoever runs Taco Bell’s Twitter account deserves a raise,” the same approach wouldn’t work for a B2B enterprise… Read more »

How to Craft a Fresh PR Program

The first quarter of each year is often filled with new launches, new goals, and even new faces. In my experience, there’s a healthy balance between looking back at what was accomplished the year prior and planning for what’s coming down the pike. Working with stellar brands, and alongside smart, creative and passionate colleagues, makes the planning process quite simple: let’s do more of what we’ve… Read more »

50 Survival Rules of PR Agency Life

A career at a PR agency is filled with valuable lessons about teamwork, accountability and professional growth. If you work at a public relations agency you can relate. If you hope to one day thrive in an agency environment, you’ll want to pay attention to these 50 rules of the road.

Key Takeaways from the 2017 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference

I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Health IT Marketing and PR Conference or #HITMC (pronounced hit-mick) in Las Vegas. For those outside of the healthcare marketing and PR world, HITMC is a conference put on by one of the most successful and influential bloggers in the space, John Lynn, and his partner Shahid Shah, who is also a widely respected thought leader in the… Read more »

How Delta and Lyft Capitalized on Competitor PR Crises

We often counsel our PR clients in times of crisis. With the rate at which news travels, it’s imperative to quickly respond and take control of a negative situation – before it takes control of the narrative. This hyper-aware and “always-on” mindset is not just important for companies reacting to their own bad news, but also for responding to a competitor’s PR nightmare. Recently we’ve seen… Read more »

Should Your PR Program Sell Logic or Emotion?

Logical:Emotional as B2B:B2C Think about the last time you bought something – maybe your morning coffee, a refill on dish soap or your favorite midday snack. If you’re like most consumers, you likely purchased out of force of habit. These habits are driven familiarity, convenience and fulfillment of a basic human emotion whether hunger, desire or status. When you reached for that item, you likely didn’t put… Read more »

Leaders Matter: Announcing an Agency President

Today, Mandy Mladenoff was promoted to President here at Matter. In her new position, Mandy will guide our agency’s strategy while managing our dynamite people, and she will be even more active in planning for our future growth. She will provide teams with direction, clients with counsel, and lead our offices with the smart, savvy and engaging professional demeanor that has been a constant throughout her… Read more »

BBJ: Matter 3rd Largest Boston PR Agency

I’m thrilled that the Boston Business Journal recognized Matter as the third largest PR and social media firm in the Greater Boston area, and that we’ve enjoyed a steady upward trajectory for each year of our existence. It’s a testament to our tremendous staff and our agency’s enterprising spirit. But the story of our success is also intertwined with Boston’s emergence as a true innovation hub,… Read more »